Edutopia Labs Synopsis Toddlers Thru Teenagers new


Edutopia Labs offers various Math and English programs in our Toddlers and Teenagers age segment

[1] Math Olympiad is APPLICATION Math $140*
SAT 1400 MON 1600 THU 1600
[2] World Top Word Trop is APPLICATION English $70*
SAT 1300 MON 1900 THU 1900
[3] Math One is CURRICULUM* Math $140*
MON TUE WED FRI from 1400 thru 2000
[4] English One is CURRICULUM* English $140*
MON TUE WED FRI from 1400 thru 2000

*CURRICULUM is using worksheets authored by Edutopia Labs Instructors and directed learning in steps

[5] Math Fun & English Fun − Logics & Language $70*
SAT 1200 MON 1800 THU 1800

is a joint exploration using puzzles quizzes riddles (Logics thru nut cracks) and classics (Language thru character stories) and thru them Sciences History Geography Civics

*is Monthly tuition; Quarterly, Yearly, please ask for!
To try us, please, consider paying $40 adjusted later!
Talk or Text n0w.365.wave ~ 609.365.9283