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Necessity is the Appropriate Mother
of Invention is Appreciated


Edutopia Labs is a brainchild of Makarand who firmly believes that exploration is education. Else, it is a fad, a fancy, and everyone out of focus unwilling to see through. An Astronomer by birth, he has a unique take on human civilization, the opportunistic transition from foods chain-web to goods chain-web. He is the founder of the CosmicAcademy.Space. He is a Calendar-Maker. He was encouraged to stay involved in the Education of the American children in a personally signed letter by President Bill Clinton in 1997. In 1993, Nobel Laureate, and Astrophysicist, the late Dr Subrahmanyan Chandrashekhar impressed with his works asked the Government of India to take note of the social responsibility that he carries with ease by creating his own environment and opportunity.

He facilitates the Math Olympiad, the Math Fun English Fun, the Graphics|Animations|Webish, the STEAM Seasonal Modules, and the Mpowerment seminars for the Adolescents and the Adults.


Equally supportive, is Manasi, his spouse, who is well versed in the Vedic Math, and an ex-professor of Environmental Science. She has authored 8,000+ worksheets for her founded iCUBE.GURU in Math and in English that she customizes on the go. In parallel, she has founded AlphaSquare.Guru for website development.

She facilitates the Math One English One, the Python & Scratch Computer Languages, Warp Speed Math – The Mindboggling Way, the STEAM Seasonal Modules, and occasionally, the Crafts.